Welcome to the Nashville Chapter of the

National Association of Women in Construction!

NAWIC  strives to ...

  • UNITE for their mutual benefit, women who have been actively employed in various phases of the construction industry
  • PROMOTE cooperation, fellowship, and better understanding among the members of the association
  • PROMOTE education and contribute to the betterment of the construction industry
  • ENCOURAGE women to pursue and establish their careers in the construction industry
  • PROVIDE members an awareness of the legislative process, and legislation as it relates to the construction industry.

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Jessica Cline - Roof Doctors, LLC

Mary Craven - National Engravers Inc.

Jazlynn Dixon

Lesley Link - Roof Doctors, LLC

Amy Young - Tiny's Construction, LLC

Melissa Cason - Porter Roofing

Andrea Fall - Porter Roofing

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2017 NAWIC Nashville Scholarships

The Nashville Chapter of NAWIC, to promote excellence in all aspects of the construction industry, is proud to offer scholarships to candidates (male or female) pursuing a career in the construction industry. Our chapter funds 3 $2,000 annual scholarships for students pursuing a construction related degree at a four-year college. Our scholarship fund is managed by the NAWIC Founders Scholarship Foundation (NFSF). NFSF reviews applications, selects recipients, and disburses scholarship funds for NAWIC chapter around the country. Priority for our chapter’s scholarships is given to applicants attending a Tennessee no more than 100 miles from Nashville. Second priority is given to students attending college at any Tennessee college. After that, the scholarships open to any student in the Southeast Region.

We are proud to present our two scholarship recipients this year: Jonathan Guzman (UT Knoxville) and Mara Duke (Tennessee Tech). We have included pictures and short interviews in this newsletter. The candidates also plan to attend our June luncheon to meet and greet with our membership. Please plan to attend the June luncheon!

We plan to host our first (in a long time) scholarship fundraiser in June of 2018. If you are interested in serving on the committee that manages the scholarship for our chapter, please contact Kaylah White.

See our 2017 recipients below!

Jonathan Guzman

Words cannot express my gratitude for what has been awarded to me. I am heavily honored to be a winner of the NAWIC Chapter #16 award. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank each and every member of the committee for choosing me to as the winner of this scholarship award.

• I am a student at the University of Tennessee, pursuing a degree in Environmental and Soil Science with a concentration in Construction Science.

• As a teenager, I worked as a labor in residential construction. I did this every summer for about three years. Working in the field at a young age was always fun to me, so that experience has always and still does interest me.

• My dream job is currently undecided. I am stuck between wanting to be a project manager or a superintendent. Hopefully, as I progress in school I decide on which path I would like to follow.

• The plans that I have after college is to travel to Europe. I have always dreamed of visiting Spain and Italy. What has to be done right after college is to move back to Nashville. I am currently loving my time in Knoxville, but home is definitely what my heart is set on after college. Career wise, I plan to achieve my dream job, working for a nice company.

• The best advice I have received, is to be patient because my time will come. My father gave me that advice when he helped me move to Knoxville. To this day, I still have that advice in the back of mind.

• I would consider Mr. Charlie Parker as my mentor. Since the very first day he has given me a ton of advice and always motivates me to build my network. He has given me the guidance that no one has ever offered me before. I appreciate him and the work he does.

• Soccer has been a big part of my life. So when I tell you that I am a Barcelona fan, I am a die hard fan of FC Barcelona fan! As of late, I have been interested in football and I would probably follow the Tennessee Titans than any other team.

Hope Duke

Thank you and the scholarship committee so much for choosing me to receive this scholarship! I appreciate it greatly and it will help me out a great deal so I thank you.

1) I am pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in structures from Tennessee Technological University.

2) A love of calculus and science sparked my interest for engineering in high school. I job shadowed a local engineer and absolutely loved getting to know the ins and outs of projects he was working on and just the entire process of construction buildings. I heard of mission projects people have done for low income communities in other countries with civil engineering as well and that was very appealing to me. I wanted a chance to help people and loved that Civil Engineering focused on doing just that.

3) My dream job is just to work somewhere that I love with people who don't just consider their career a "job" but a duty to the public. I want to feel like I'm part of a team.

4) After college I plan to start working at a firm. I will be getting married in October of 2018 and so I'm very excited to start my life off with my future husband and enjoy not being in school anymore!

5) I think the best advice I've ever received would have to come down to 2 things: any job can be used to serve God and if you work hard enough at something, you can make it happen no matter what. Those two things have helped me get through college more than anything.

6) I don't have a mentor per say, but I do look up to one of my professors, Craig Henderson, a great deal. His classes are deemed some of the hardest you take here at Tech but that's because he teaches it in a way that assures you will know the materials well after the class is over. I feel like the things I've learned in his class I will know forever and be able to easily recall, which is a comfort for a new engineer.

7) I cheer on my golden eagles! I will be a Tech season ticket holder my entire life. I take pride in my school and no one will ever convince me that there's a better school to be at in the state of Tennessee (#wingsup). However, I do have to say that I can be found also cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs on a Saturday.

TN Department of Transportation


*Free! Graduates will receive 3 months of training in a course designed by highway contractors.

*Included in the program is a one month paid internship with a contractor on a highway construction projectescd.

*Successful participants will be offered full time employment with the contractor. (Not TDOT). These jobs offer competitive salaries with fringe benefits. Most contractors will also offer advanced training and promotional opportunities.

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